CIO, Regenesys

After completing his University degree Ashveer was recruited into the financial services industry to program financial systems specifically focused on risk calculation and loan repayment. Soon afterwards he then moved onto logistics software programming to control loads and dispatch planning. The firearm industry with serial number part tracking was also a focus including accounting of sales, goods receivable and integration as a focus. After about 2 years he joined Sage Pastel Payroll as an analyst programmer with a view to consolidate current source code and drive product to technological excellence. Serving on EXCO for 8 years he provided insight, guidance, support and strategic planning for Pastel Payroll, Central R&D and more recently the joint Sage Pastel Payroll and Sage VIP EXCO’s. Key milestones include cloud based Self service, Connected Services frameworks and web based Internal Systems. IN 2013 he took up role as IT Director, acting as CIO of RTT group of companies to manage all IT divisions. The areas under his management where Infrastructure, Managed Technical services, Customer Services, Programmers, In-House sites, WMS & Training, Solutions Architects, IT Project management, Databases, Integrations and BI with a team of 75 head staff via directing 12 line managers. This was across some 45 warehouses and offices country wide serviced by over 4000 employees, 2000 vehicles and a further 200 in house client sites, 200+ standard sites. Education is a key sector in South Africa and Africa at large attracting much foreign direct investment. The opportunity to broaden his experience he accepted a position of CIO at Regenesys to drive technology within the education sector as well as gain wealth of experience in managing and setting up 2 international offices in Lagos and Mumbai; with activities world-wide. With a view in transforming the educational landscape via cutting edge cloud based Learner management systems (LMS) – this technology not only increased productivity and quality it further formed the bases for offering truly blended education via live streaming, interactive webinars, interactive study materials and a host of online support services and tools.