Vice President of Research

Bill Keyworth is Vice President of Research for IDC’s Research Network with a focus on IT Operational Excellence. Leveraging over 25 years of successfully defining technology and market trends within the IT service management industry, Bill has established a reputation as one of the more credible and consistent voices in maximizing business value from IT operations. Leveraging telecom and network management experience gained at AT&T and Digital Equipment Corporation, Bill was among the first to identify and justify market requirements and benefits for a network management (monitoring) framework, thrusting him into an early leadership role within the IT management industry.

As vice president and research director at Gartner Group, Bill initiated the successful Network and Systems Management (NSM) service and helped to create a US focus on ITIL processes years before their industry adoption. Through research and consulting roles at IDC, Gartner Group & Ptak/Noel Associates, Bill has led a focus on IT Service Management as critical for managing the dynamic elements of business applications. Through vendor executive roles at Digital, Peregrine, TCI Solutions and Nexiant coupled with marketing consulting roles at six high-tech start ups, Bill has demonstrated expertise in refocusing the marketing engines of an organization and turning product driven companies into market driven industry leaders.

Bill translates that market perspective into success criteria for user’s IT management initiatives and as editor-in-chief for, he initiated a thought leadership website for IT service management’s role in successful business initiatives. He holds a B.S from Brigham Young University’s Marriot School of Management and an MBA from Babson College.